Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Pamela anderson sex. Pictures.

Pamela anderson sex. Extra Pictures:

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I had 2 weird dreams? A dream Pamela Anderson was humping me, and she was forced my hand on her breasts. Two Dream cyruss Miley Miley's father was touching, and me and miley have been having lesbian sex in our sleepover. Weird Dreams is a strange part I HATE THESE TWO celebs. And no, I didn't clock shows it before bedtime.
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Pam anderson. Oops pics!

Pam anderson. Extra Pictures:

pam andersonpam andersonpam anderson
Biggest Douche Baggett (Round 2)? Choose the biggest Douche Baggett 4 dirty Attane most votes in the first round. Who will win Baggett Biggest Douche ... be? Rosie O Donnell ' (with 7 votes) talents include,,, being overweight,,, being obnoxious,,,, and be fat again Miley Cyrus (with 9 votes) talents include,,, acting as a bitch,,, butchers songs,,, being the daughter of a real shower Paris Hilton (with 6 votes) talents include,,, laying on his back, being in the knees, and acting like a spoiled child or Amy Winehouse (with 6 votes) talents include,,, being the pop star that only men do not want to bang,,, of eggs, a crack pipe with more gusto than the Hoover vacuum, and being the pride of the British Dental UPS Runner Brittney Spears (2 votes) thinks I slept with a few judges avaoid this list of Avril Lavigne (3 votes) I guess the pop punk princess wasn't enough Madonna appears on TMZ (4 votes) Gotta respect our elders AARP about Nicole Ritchie (4 votes) I think that child is doing its soft fucking Kim Kardashian (4 votes) Are you kidding ... He was sure his big @ $ $ would be a contender for the crown Pam Anderson (1 vote) I do not think Tommy Lee Baggett not Nancy Grace (3 votes) I guess you too busy to watch CNN
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