Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Pam anderson. Oops pics!

Pam anderson. Extra Pictures:

pam andersonpam andersonpam anderson
Biggest Douche Baggett (Round 2)? Choose the biggest Douche Baggett 4 dirty Attane most votes in the first round. Who will win Baggett Biggest Douche ... be? Rosie O Donnell ' (with 7 votes) talents include,,, being overweight,,, being obnoxious,,,, and be fat again Miley Cyrus (with 9 votes) talents include,,, acting as a bitch,,, butchers songs,,, being the daughter of a real shower Paris Hilton (with 6 votes) talents include,,, laying on his back, being in the knees, and acting like a spoiled child or Amy Winehouse (with 6 votes) talents include,,, being the pop star that only men do not want to bang,,, of eggs, a crack pipe with more gusto than the Hoover vacuum, and being the pride of the British Dental UPS Runner Brittney Spears (2 votes) thinks I slept with a few judges avaoid this list of Avril Lavigne (3 votes) I guess the pop punk princess wasn't enough Madonna appears on TMZ (4 votes) Gotta respect our elders AARP about Nicole Ritchie (4 votes) I think that child is doing its soft fucking Kim Kardashian (4 votes) Are you kidding ... He was sure his big @ $ $ would be a contender for the crown Pam Anderson (1 vote) I do not think Tommy Lee Baggett not Nancy Grace (3 votes) I guess you too busy to watch CNN
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